Dates of forthcoming events during 2017

Sunday Lunch - 1st Sunday of every month
Friday Night Specials - 3rd Friday of every month up to July

January 2017
Saturday 7th January - Quiz Night
Saturday 21st January - Burns Night

February 2017
Sunday 5th February - Sunday Lunch
Friday 17th February - Curry Night
Friday 24th February - Friday Night Special

March 2017
Sunday 5th March - Sunday Lunch
Saturday 11th March - Quiz Night
Friday 17th March - Friday Night Special
Friday 24th March - AGM
Saturday 25th March - Pudding Night

April 2017
Sunday 2nd April - Sunday Lunch
Friday 14th April - Good Friday Night Special (Fish)
Sunday 16th April - Easter Sunday Lunchtime Bingo
Saturday 21st April - Friday Night Special

May 2017
Sunday 7th May - Sunday Lunch
Friday 19th May - Friday Night Special
Sunday 21st April - Asparagus Lunch
Saturday 27th April - Quiz Night

June 2017
Sunday 4th June - Sunday Lunch
Friday 23rd June - Friday Night Special
Saturday 17th June - Spanish Night

July 2017
Sunday 2nd July - Sunday Lunch
Saturday 15th July - Steak Night
Friday 21st July - Friday Night Special
Saturday 29th July - Busker (With Buffet/Pork Baps)

August 2017
Sunday 6th August - Sunday Lunch
Saturday 12th - Quiz Night
Sunday 27th August - Family Fun Day

September 2017
Sunday 1st September - Sunday Lunch
Saturday 9th September - Steak Night

October 2017
Sunday 1st October - Sunday Lunch
Saturday 21st October - Puddings Night

November 2017
Sunday 5th November - Sundays Lunch

December 2017
Saturday 2nd December - Quiz Night
Sunday 3rd December - Christmas Sunday Lunch
Saturday 16th December - Members Christmas Evening Meal
Sunday 17th December - Christmas Family Lunchtime Bingo
Sunday 31st December - New Year's Eve Function

The above are subject to change without notice. Please come along and support these events.